I’m a short, happy person with two girls, two boys and two dogs! I read loads, paint infrequently (when the mood takes me) and love new experiences.


8 GCSEs – Grade B
A level Art – Grade B
OND Fashion and Textiles
HNC Electrical and Electronic Engineering


Wake Boarding

Hi, I’m Helen…

I’ve been a Graphic Designer for 25 years. I love what I do and have rarely had a day I haven’t enjoyed.

Every day I learn something new, I’m inspired by other’s work and try to recreate or better it – it’s the best way to improve skills.

What can I do?

Adobe Indesign
Adobe Acrobat
Touch Typist
Adobe Illustrator
French speaker
Adobe Photoshop
Microsoft Excel
Copywriter and Reviewer


Head of Internal Communications
Media and Communications,
HQ/BFC, Episkopi Garrison, Cyprus
(2018 – 2021)

Responsible for relaying all media messaging via social media, web and print to the community living within the Sovereign Base Areas in Cyprus.

Self employed, full-time designer
Boston, Lincolnshire
(2014 – 2018)

I was engaged to work on the gift packaging website ‘VanillaReindeer.com’, designing packaging that users can be personalise, such as gift bags, boxes, Easter egg cartons, chocolate boxes, greetings cards etc. I was the manager of the Magento CMS, writing content, and 3D rendering the finished product.

Reviewer and Features Editor
Boston, Lincolnshire

(2010 – 2014)

Writing content for ‘Pushchairexpert.co.uk’; a pushchair review and sales site. Also writing content for the sister site; ‘Mumii.co.uk’. Designing the annual awards magazine and attending and/or manning trade shows in Cologne, Germany and Birmingham.

Production Editor
BFCHQ, Episkopi Garrison, Cyprus

(2006 – 2009)

Tasked with establishing a community magazine from scratch to cover four British Forces Bases. Produced a monthly, 90-100 page magazine, contributing to reviews and articles as well as designing pages and making ready print file.

Head of Graphics
Boston, Lincolnshire

(2000 – 2006)

DCI manufacture inkjet cartridges and are the second largest employer in Boston. I was employed to take all graphics ‘in-house’, eventually recruiting three further graphic designers. I was responsible for all packaging design and print sourcing.
Originally all artwork was on carton cutters, progressing onto blister pack inserts for their home brand ‘Jet Tec’. Any supplied artwork, such as BASF, PC World etc., had to be adapted to fit our cutter shapes.
During my time there, I was lucky enough to cover trade shows in San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.