Vanilla Reindeer

Brief – Create artwork that can be repeated over many cutter shapes (bags, boxes, wraps, greetings cards) include space for personal photography and a personalised message. Upload these to the vendors website adding a full description and a 3D rendered image using Magento Content Management System.

I had the opportunity of working on a self employed basis for Kalas Packaging. The ‘bread and butter’ of the company is printing on plastic, predominantly for the horticulture sector, producing plant labels and stabbers for supermarkets and independent brand growers.

Wanting to expand and diversify, the company purchased an HP Indigo 3000 press which allows single pass printing, much like a large inkjet printer. It can handle conventional and synthetic substrates, and is currently the only large scale, variable data solution in the UK.

I was trained in London to use the Magento Content Management System (CMS) by the developers of the Vanilla Reindeer website. Back at the office I had to build a range of artworks that spanned many cutters, from boxes and bags to wraps and cards. From purchasing the press to opening the site, we had many teething problems and building the range is an ongoing project.

When each concept has been be re-modelled over the cutter shapes, it is then uploaded to the site. Every product has to have a unique description, a 3D rendered image and technical specifications. I was responsible for originating design and building these products into the site, then later, educating my colleagues in the process.

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