Cyber Bullying Campaign

BRIEF – I was approached by SSAFA to create a series of artworks to raise awareness on the problem of Cyber Bullying. The brief spanned three phases – Culture change, Moderation and Sanction.

First step was to develop positive messaging on social media use and the impacts of negative abuse on our community. These were the series of five adverts with a connected ‘feel’ to make the message recognisable across all media and to target the wider workforce, community and secondary schools.

Secondly, these adverts had to show identifiable signposting to the networks that can offer support.

Once the artwork was approved by the Chain of Command and the invested partners (SSAFA, BFBWS and SBA Police) the ads were promulgated throughout all out social media sites/groups and across all media platforms, such as radio,Internal Communications, the Cyprus Lion and Screens around the bases.

The final chapter was less significant to my role but was to highlight the consequences of on-line abuse/bullying, that being; action taken by the school/unit/section involving the ‘Head of household’s’ Chain of Command and if necessary the SBA police.