COVID-19 Messaging

During the worldwide pandemic of 2020/2021 the Media and Communications team played a vital role informing the Sovereign Base Areas (SBA) community in Cyprus about the ever changing rules and regulations that they were obliged to adhere to. The Command Group were predominantly led by the decrees of the Republic of Cyprus Government but on occasions the SBA tweaked the rules to fit our circumstances.

BREIF – Create coherent, related messaging that is instantly recognisable as ‘Official’ coming from the Command at Headquarters of the British Forces Cyprus. Keep them simple allowing the reader to easily understand the instruction and include dating to keep announcements chronological.

As in most countries, Covid touched every part of our lives so rules seemed to appear and disappear with each new wave. The hardest part for most people was the inability to see family, for them to visit or for us to return to the UK, a unique situation in the Bases, however it went on to affect posting dates, pet travel, social gatherings, leaving base etc. Keeping everyone informed was paramount.

Our team were awarded a Commendation from the Commander of the British Forces in Cyprus for our work during this period.

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